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X Power Low Profile Air Mover

Features powerful ventilation in a compact size that does not compromise on power. Able to operate and store vertically or horizontally, these high velocity low profile fans are ergonomically designed with an easy to carry moulded handle and made from durable and rugged polypropylene housing. Other features include wrap around cord design, non-slip rubber feet, quiet performance and stackability up to 6 units high, making it ideal for loading in a truck or on a hand cart. It also comes with a built-in power outlet for daisy chaining which will allow an additional six (6) of the same units to run on one circuit at the same time.

Featuring high static airflow, XPOWER low profile air movers quickly and thoroughly dry even the toughest restoration sites.

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Product Specification

SpecificationX Power Low Profile Air Mover
Rated Airflow (on high)

1000 CFM




240 Watt / 1.0 Amp

Speed Control

3 speed switch

Power Cord Length

4.7 metres

Operating Positions

2 positions; (Vertical & Horizontal)


Up to 6 units high

Unit Weight


Unit Size

45 x 45 x 21cm



Dual Thermal Protection