Ultimate Fiber Rinse

Ultimate Fiber Rinse drops the pH, more acidic (does NOT clog lines as this is a liquid!), has extraction emulsifiers, has cleaning ability, synergistic with TMF Presprays, leaves carpets soft with no sticky residue, more concentrated, prevents resoiling and safer than competing rinses out there. It took our chemist many months to perfect, so if you’re tired of the older formulas out there downgrading your current carpet cleaning presprays then look no further!

Ultimate Fiber Rinse does many things such as prevents browning, prevents yellowing, stabilizes colors, boosts cleaning and it is 100% free rinsing! This also has our citrus lush essential scent! Try out the best all fiber rinse for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning today!

It contains extraction emulsifiers that boost its cleaning ability and make it synergistic with TMF Presprays. It leaves carpets soft, free of sticky residue, and prevents resoiling. Rob’s rinse is highly concentrated, stabilizes colors, and prevents browning/yellowing. It’s 100% free rinsing and safer than other competing rinses.

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