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Polivac St 2100

When you want a Gas Stripper / Scrubber which cuts stripping time by up to 60%, you can rely on the legendary long life and reliability of the Polivac ST2100.

A 12 volt push-button start, fires the 13hp (9.69 kw), 4 stroke overhead valve Honda engine into action while the brushes are on the floor.

Equipped with  a removable weight system, the ST2100 has the horsepower, torque and speed for heavy-duty applications such as floor cutback, scrubbing and stripping.

The new Closed Loop Engine Emission technology is fitted on all of Polivac’s range of Gas Burnishers. This system automatically detects any changes in pressure between the air filter and carburetor then stabilises the amount of fuel delivered to the engine. The steady delivery of fuel ensures that CO emissions are minimised and maintained at safe levels, well below the workplace exposure standard determined by Safe Work Australia of 30 ppm

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Product Specification

SpecificationPolivac St 2100
Cleaning Width

51 cm

Motor Power


Motor RPM

350 – 700


Battery 12 Volts