Hako Fusion FX

Hako Fusion FX Burnisher is a commercial, 50cm, 1440rpm, electric cord burnisher, suited to open areas requiring high speed burnishing. The single speed vacuum motor, with a 2.5 litre vacuum bag, can be used in locations such as hospitals where noise is of concern.

Key Features:

  • Straight line, 1550rpm pad speed
  • The speed and power of the direct drive will put a shine on your face and the gloss on the floor
  • Floating skirt to control dust over uneven surfaces.
  • Simple easy pad pressure dial

Price Excluding GST:

Product Specification

SpecificationHako Fusion FX
Brush / Pad Size

450 mm

Pad holder Size Flex

Frock Facing / 50cm


1500W Induction

Brush Speed

1550 rpm


Belt Drive


41 kg

Lead Type