Cimex Cr 48 Cyclone

Features and Benefits

  • Cimex Cyclone CR48 Deep cleaning Planetary action, cleans all sides of the fiber in a single pass.
  • Capable of cleaning 850-1140sq.mtrs of commercial carpet per hour.
  • Non-fatigue operations, no kick action like single head machines.
  • Unique planetary agitation eliminates tearing carpet seams and edges.
  • Floating brushes provide effective cleaning action.
  • Reversing brush action extends brush life.
  • Non-marking wheels for a truly professional finish.
  • Triple brush action prevents cable snagging.
  • Solution delivered through brush centers to reduce splashing.
  • Non-clog solution valve for uninterrupted operation.
  • Belt drive for quiet operation, ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and schools.
  • Extensive range of brushes and pads available, covering all tasks from cleaning carpets or uneven surfaces to polishing of hard floors.
  • No “bloom” rings or halo effects.
  • Central motor for even brush pressure.

Price Excluding GST:

Product Specification

SpecificationCimex Cr 48 Cyclone
Motor Power

570 watt.

Solution tank capacity

25 litre

Pad / Brush Speed

400 rpm

Working Width

48 cm.

Pad / Brush Diameter

20 cm.

Pad/Brush pressure


Cable length

15 meter

Motor height - clearance

45 cm.

Noise level

60 db



Length; Width; Height

81 cm.; 51 cm.; 112 cm.