Agar Graffiti Remover 1L

What is Graffiti Remover?

GRAFFITI REMOVER is an effective, low odour product that dissolves ink and paint graffiti from surfaces subject to graffiti.

How Does It Work?

GRAFFITI REMOVER is a powerful solvent-type paint and ink removal agent. It is water-emulsifiable so it can be rinsed away effectively with water. It is a low odour liquid with outstanding performance. GRAFFITI REMOVER will not leave unwanted chemical odours after being used. It is not classified as Dangerous Goods.

How Does It Work?

TANNEX is a mildly acidic carpet spotter for removing stains caused by coffee, tea, beer, urine, berry and red wine spillages. It is also useful for treating water stains and jute-stain browning from carpet backing fibres. The mild acidity of TANNEX is useful for neutralizing alkaline treatments like AMSOLVE and AMAZON G2.

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Product Specification

SpecificationAgar Graffiti Remover 1L

Transparent colourless liquid


Low odour


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